gaga is not just a restaurant, it's a way of life. We want to be a point of connection between people and the world , creating a tasteful and unintentional lifestyle through food, space and gatherings. We hope to make different life scenes interesting, give the busy life a breathing space, and integrate "All Time Hedonism" into everyone's life.

gaga attaches great importance to the high-value members and fans who love and identify with gaga. Over the years, gaga has inspired like-minded brands, artists, bloggers, and shared the joy with members and fans. In the future, we will continue to celebrate life with food and parties, and depict different life styles for all gaga friends with wonderful activities.

Events & gaga Table

Lifestyle Club: Connects products, dining experts, and gaga lifestylers offline. 

It integrates aesthetics into life and conveys the lifestyle attitude of gaga lifestylers to brand friends and high-value members through tea, food, and wine.

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gaga crossover

gaga has always pursued a lifestyle centered around quality and taste. Based on the brand concept of chill, smart, and effortless, gaga has collaborated with friends such as Jo Malone, UCCA Contemporary Art Center, ZUCZUG, and Kinfork. Together, they continuously break the boundaries between art, fashion, design, sports, technology, and cuisine. Exploring the commonalities across different fields, they allow their respective characteristics to ferment and spread through cross-border collaborations, resulting in moments of inspiration and brilliance.

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gaga design

gaga believes that design aesthetics are the most direct way for people to experience beauty and quality. We share the gaga lifestyle through design. We love design, respect originality, constantly challenge creative boundaries and possibilities, and hope to bring together more like-minded people with the adjective “gaga”.

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oh!my ga

oh!my ga is a talk show podcast produced by gaga. Each episode invites interesting guests who have fascinating stories and unique perspectives on life. Through these stories, intriguing viewpoints, and sharp industry observations, oh!my ga aims to inspire you with a quality and tasteful urban lifestyle.

When you’re unsure about where to go, go to gaga.  When you’re unsure about what to listen to, tune in to oh!my ga!

All Day Chill: We embrace the philosophy of enjoying life at all times. So why not take a moment to relax and join us for some fruit tea and a friendly chat?

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